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Legacy Examples for Keith MacManus

Legacy Promo

This video promo is used on our website.  Would love feedback on how to improve.

Abi & Mona Kalimian: Love, Live, Legacy

This video is an example of a "Family Legacy." This success story features an immigrant's journey to United States after a fight in his home country made him a marked man. His enviable rise in NYC real estate is a perfect example of the American Dream. This film also highlights his wife's remarkable rise in the cut-throat world of NYC journalism in an era when few women worked outside of the home .  This 20 minute documentary centers around the Kalimian's beautiful 50+ year marriage and the legacy they wish to leave for their family.

Pete Bostwick:  American Sportsman

This video is an example of a "Career Legacy." This film spotlights an extraordinary man and his unique situation: he's an award-winning amateur athlete in multiple sports. This 25 minute documentary touches lightly on his personal life (parents, wife and family) but it his passion for competition which drives the narrative.

Pauline Fisher: A Moving Experience

This work in progress is of Russ's mother.  This "Career Legacy" highlights Pauline's love for dance and how this love propelled her into a world of academia and spirituality.

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